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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Focus on growing your business by outsourcing your business processes. Our cost-effective, tailor-fit solutions, and experienced professionals, will help you achieve your company’s goals.

Beehive offers growing companies a whole suite of back-end office solutions to improve workflow, increase productivity, boost efficiency and more importantly, cut overhead costs.  With our sustainable business process systems and brilliant BPO teams, we help our clients unload the burden of non-core office management so they can focus on their core competencies. Our highly customizable back-end service offers and variable-cost models are guaranteed to provide each of our clients a unique opportunity for increased growth and revenue.


Beehive BPO Solutions

Beehive’s BPO solutions help streamline and automate your business process so you can concentrate on growing your company. From simple services like data entry services to more complex tasks such as quality assurance or accounting and payroll services, our solutions offer cost-effective opportunities for your company’s growth and expansion.


Data Entry and Digitisation

Prevent Backlogs and Maintain the Integrity of Your Records

For the best support, our company offers best-in-class technology and support team to cater to your data entry and digitizing needs, regardless of your data size.   

Documents and Form Processing

Index, Archive, and Store Your Data

We seamlessly process and store your company’s valuable business transaction-related data, including (but not limited to) bills, reports, invoices, and receipts.

Digital Marketing

Gain Leads, Convert and Retain More Clients

Improve your online presence and brand awareness and retain more clients by maximizing online channels through our digital marketing service. We can build you a working, thriving and effective digital marketing strategy from scratch, or we automate and improve your existing digital marketing efforts.

Auditing and Compliance

Reduce Compliance Costs and Improve Workflow Efficiency

We offer common finance processes (general ledger, payables and receivables, and procurement processes) and high-end, judgment-based services, including compliance, audit, and implementation of accounting standards.

Quality Asurance

Automated Workflow and Embedded Analytics

We help businesses identify actions and business decisions that help optimize their processes, conversions, sales and customer satisfaction.

HR Services

Improve Talent Acquisition and Reduce Turnovers

Beehive’s HR support services improve your company’s talent acquisition and development process, new hire retention, overall workforce productivity, reduce turnovers and eliminate costs associated with inefficient hiring practices. 

Accounting and Payroll

Optimize Financial Workflow

We automate payroll and accounting tasks and provide accurate business analysis to optimize your financial workflow. From building a working payroll or accounting system from scratch to improving an existing set-up, to fully outsourcing your accounting process, Beehive gets the job done.

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Outsource Your Back-end Office Processes and Grow Your Company Like Never Before

Our BPO solutions are designed to optimize office workflows so you can operate with efficiency and grow your company like never before. Experience sustainable growth, productivity, and success and reach your company’s goals through your partnership with Beehive. Talk to us today to see which solutions work best for you